Home Offices

Stay organized and conduct your business better than ever with modern and comfortable storage solutions in your workspace. From custom shelving and cabinets to file storage and more, update your home office today.

Organize Your Space with a Custom Home Office Design

With a custom office from Closet Space, organization is never easier. Closet Space will provide your custom offices with maximum storage space, so you can store all necessary office equipment, ensuring for designs that boost productivity and allow easy access to all your needs.

a desk with a computer on it in a roomHome office space with storagea living room filled with furniture and a window
a desk with a computer on it in a room

Create Ample Storage Space with a Custom Office

Custom home offices provide maximum storage by utilizing every inch of storage in the entire room, guaranteeing that your unique design has function and style to accommodate your specific needs. Everybody's organizational needs are different; everybody's custom home office design should be different too.

Whether you need built in desks, built in shelves, file drawers, custom cabinetry, or other office equipment, Closet Space offers many options to create the most functional layout for your custom designed office. If you want multiple workstations to help your home based business to thrive, or a single built in desk to increase your own functionality, Closet Space will bring your best layout ideas to light.

Home office space with storage

Enjoy Design Freedom

With your home office, it's your house, and your work area. This means that you get to decide the accessories, built ins, and every aspect of your work space. With Closet Space, you are always at the frontline of the design process. Our team of professionals helps your design ideas come to life. You let us know the specifics of your design needs, and our team will do the rest of the work, guaranteeing you love the final result.

a living room filled with furniture and a window

Highest Quality Materials

At Closet Space, every system of cabinets, drawers, or built ins is made with only the highest quality materials and finishes. Whether you want a painted wood desk with solid wood edges, glass raised panel doors for drawers, or vented cabinets surrounding your office wall, Closet Space guarantees your home offices suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're ready to help. Get started on your design today.

How do I customize my office space?
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The customization process begins by the client letting us know their design needs and ideas for their house office. Then our team kicks off the design process using the latest design software, and we construct your custom office to meet your needs.

How much does a custom office cost?
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The cost of the custom home office depends on the size of the office space, supplies and materials needed, and the design features requested. Contact Closet Space for a more specific quote today.