Master Closet

You start getting dressed in your closet daily, so make it a space that functions for you. We've got you covered if you want to upgrade your walk-in closets, install stand-up wardrobes, or anything in between at Closet Space. From initial design to installation, we ensure satisfaction by meeting all your design, material, finish, and storage needs.

Transform Your Master Bedroom with a Custom-Made Closet

by Closet Space

Do you long for organized and stylish walk-in closets that meet your needs?
Look no further than a custom-made Closet Space! Closet Space are perfect for creating luxurious custom closets that work for your own closet organizational needs. We'll ensure your final product matches the vision you have for your closets, so your custom closet installation best serves you.

Closet with hanging clothes, built-in shelves, and mirrorCloset with hanging clothes and drawersWalk-in closet with built-in shelves and drawers
Closet with hanging clothes and shelving

Quality Materials & Finishes

At Closet Space, we install only the highest quality materials and finishes in our custom closet solutions. Our modern melamine composites are available in various textures and colors, allowing you to work together to craft a unique look that reflects your style. Whether you prefer traditional wood grain or a more contemporary material, Closet Space has just what you need to make your dream walk-in closet ideas come to life.

Closet with hanging clothes and drawers

Maximized Closet Storage

Make the most of your master closet space by creating a closet design layout that optimizes storage. Save space by prioritizing the closet aspects that are most important to you. Consider shoe shelves for your footwear collection, a jewelry wall to display accessories, extra storage for hanging clothes, built-ins and drawers for hidden storage, or a combination of these features. Whatever your storage needs may be, Closet Space will help you to customize your master closet layout to maximize your space, whether you already have spacious walk-in closet areas or a smaller bedroom wardrobe.

Walk-in closet with built-in shelves and drawers

Innovative Organization System Solutions

Like the rest of the rooms in a house, a well-organized closet space layout should match its owner's lifestyle and needs. After all, it's where you begin most days, so you're the expert on what unique features you need! That's why Closet Space offers countless easy ways to organize clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and more. Our hanging systems shelves provide more space to hang lengthy garments like elegant dresses or coats, and our versatile shelves and drawers make it easy to keep everything from sweaters to jeans neat. Shelving units can also store items to hang bags and baskets to stash accessories. For avid shoe collectors, Closet Space has a unique drawer display explicitly designed for all footwear sizes.

Closet with hanging clothes, built-in shelves, and drawers

Durability & Peace of Mind

The best part about investing in a Closet Space is knowing that the layout of your master closet will last many years without showing any signs of wear or tear. All parts are constructed using your inspiration from heavy-duty steel frames with wooden sides, providing extra stability and strength to help hold heavier items when needed. You can also be sure that clothing in your closets will be safe from dust particles thanks to the advanced sealing technology in all our drawers, shelving units, doors, panels, and more.

Closet with hanging clothes and shoe rack

Create Your Closet With Design Freedom

Lastly, what sets Closet Space apart is its exclusive design tools that allow customers to us their inspiration by creating customized luxury closet systems and walk-in closets tailored conveniently to their needs. From specifying wall measurements and room layout to deciding on finishes and closet materials - the level of control you have to create is infinite! Don't worry if the process seems daunting; our team of expert designers has over 20 years of experience working with clients at every step, so you're guaranteed exceptional quality closet results in each time! Thanks to our innovative solutions and customization, your closet will soon become your favorite part of your house.

Closet with hanging clothes, built-in shelves, and mirror

Start Designing

So if you're looking for walk-in closet ideas, to find an efficient and sophisticated way to get organized without sacrificing your style or quality, it's time to look into a timeless custom-made Closet Space for your bedroom!

Closet with hanging clothes, built-in shelves, and drawersCloset with hanging clothes and shoe rackCloset with hanging clothes, built-in shelves, and mirror

Ready to transform your space and your life?

We're ready to help. Get started on your design today.

How can I maximize my walk-in closet space?
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You can maximize your master walk-in closet storage by utilizing wall space and adding extra shelves or drawers for storage of items like shoes and accessories, and more. No matter how large your closet space is, an expert designer at Closet Space can help you decide on the closet design, drawers, built-in cabinets, and layout that works best for your bedroom, wall space, and personal needs.

How does creating my own closet design work?
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You get to be the designer for your own walk-in closet system by choosing the finish and materials of your choice, then deciding on which features you need to organize your specific clothes to create a closet that fulfills your wardrobe needs because every client is unique. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way, guaranteeing exceptional results, but creative control of your closet design is left to you.

How much do custom walk in closets cost?
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The complete cost of a custom wardrobe varies based on the size of the closet, the materials used, and the design features requested. You can contact Closet Space for a quote on your walk in closet ideas.

Can custom closets be designed to fit an odd-shaped closet?
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Yes, closets can be designed to fit any size closet and bedroom, including odd-shaped ones. Closet Space will work with you and your idea to design a custom closet design that fits your unique space.

Can custom closets be installed in existing closets?
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Yes, custom closets can be installed in existing closets. Closet Space can work with you to focus on your design of a custom closet that fits your existing wall space.