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Custom storage solutions and closets built for any space, based in Central Oregon.

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Any room, any design.

A tidy space means a tidy mind


Unique and functional storage options for your custom distinctive vision.


We provide the same high quality work for 25% less than another big closet factory would.


Transform your living spaces with the highest quality materials and installation.

Organization Your Way

Use the Allmoxy 3D design system to start the process of planning and creating your dream storage solutions.

Storage design has never been easier

1. Design

Bring your vision to life by creating your customized storage space.

2. Collaborate

Our expertly trained, professional craftsmen work closely with you to finalize the specs.

3. Install

Our team will get to work as soon as your project is ready to be installed.

Let’s work together

At Closet Space, we firmly believe that an organized space lends itself to an organized life. From design to installation, we ensure your involvement at every phase of service in order to guarantee your satisfaction. Your tailored closet should match your personal needs, so when it comes to custom closets and cabinets, you know best.

No matter the room, the size, the flooring, the style, or the materials, we take pride in making the transformation from fine to fantastic as easy and as enjoyable as possible to make certain you're content and organized.  We'll listen to your unique design ideas and carry them out in the most efficient way possible to ensure that your custom closet matches the vision you had and your organization can get along quickly.

Let's work together

Closet Pricing

A solution for every budget

Regardless of your budget or space, we can help you find a solution to get organized with closet and storage options. Custom projects shouldn't be a huge expense. That's why you can customize your project budget to create a professional looking closet or pantry, even without hurting your bank account. From larger, more time-consuming projects that take up more space in your house, such as revamping an entire master bedroom closet, to a simple job like a small office closet, we've got you covered. Reach out to find out how we can maximize your closet budget to organize the closet you long for in your bedroom, office, garage, kitchen, living space, or laundry room.

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