Tips for Designing Custom Walk-in Closets in Bend's Luxury Homes and High-End Real Estate Market

Date Published:
April 1, 2024
Tips for Designing Custom Walk-in Closets in Bend's Luxury Homes and High-End Real Estate Market

In Bend's luxury homes, a luxury closet can ensure your home stands out from the rest. When it comes to high-end real estate, a custom closet is a must. Designing custom walk-in closets with a professional closet designer from Closet Space will take your closet to the next level! In this blog, we'll teach you how to create the perfect luxury closet with Closet Space.

Understanding Bend Luxury Homes and the High-End Real Estate Market

Bend's real estate market is growing, with high-end homes selling rapidly every day. Trends in the real estate market are ever-changing, but luxury amenities are a preference buyers still desire. Custom closets are the perfect way to boost your home's value and make it more desirable to the luxury market. Closet Space' expert closet designers can help you design the perfect luxury closet to meet both your needs and the needs of buyers.

Assessing Space and Functionality

Before starting your custom design, it's important to assess your closet's available space to ensure you create a closet system that fits within your home. Consider your ceiling height and floor space, as well as how many items you'll need to store. With a luxury closet, you can create more space while maintaining a sleek and elegant design. In order to keep your space both modern and functional, it's important to install a storage system that maximizes space while not becoming cluttered.

Choosing the Right Materials and Finishes

Closet Space offers a wide variety of different finishes, materials, and styles for your custom closet. From wood materials like cherry and pine to melamine or laminate wood, the options are endless. When selecting your materials, it's important to consider durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Closet Space uses only the highest-quality, most durable materials, but it's up to you to choose the panels, drawer fronts, and shelving materials that fit your unique luxury aesthetic best.

Incorporating Smart Storage Solutions

Installing smart storage solutions can take your walk-in closet to the next level, solidifying the luxury feel. To make your closet even more high-tech, you can customize it with automated lighting, shoe racks, and accessory drawers to fit more storage with less hassle.

Customizing Closet Layout and Features

Your custom closet is your space, so it's important to cater it to your own needs. When customizing their closets, homeowners should choose the layout and features based on their own needs and preferences to maximize enjoyment and minimize stress. Whether you need lots of clothes racks to fit dresses, sweaters, or suits, hooks to hang bags, or slanted shoe shelves for all your footwear, Closet Space can help you find the closet features that suit you best. If you have a larger budget for your luxury closet, consider incorporating specialty features like jewelry drawers or built-in seating areas.

Maximizing Aesthetics and Style

To create a cohesive design that suits your luxury home, consider choosing closet materials that complement your walls and floors. Select a color scheme that supports the luxury mood of your home, rather than distracts from it. Don't forget to incorporate textures and lighting features that enhance your home's aesthetic appeal either. LED automated lighting is a great way to keep your custom design well-lit and add to the high-tech luxury feel.


When designing walk-in closets for a luxury home in Bend, it's vital to keep in mind both buyers' and your own personal design preferences, as well as storage needs and aesthetic appeals. Be sure to prioritize the quality and functionality of your custom closet space by working with Closet Space to create a stylish addition to your room.

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